Lemon Oil Cleanser

Lemon Oil Cleanser

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This oil cleanser gently breaks down make up and impurities on your skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. Sounds bizarre putting oil on your face as a means to clean it, but the theory is that oil dissolves oil and when you wipe the oil away, you remove all the excess oil along with the dirt build up.

Regular cleansers can strip the skin of its natural oils which then causes the skin to create more oil and clog pores.

With all changes to skin products, there can be an adjustment period where your skin may breakout before settling. Try to continue using until the breakouts settle. Also using a fresh face cloth every day can help. 

Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, sunflower oil can help settle inflamed and reddened skin and is non comedogenic meaning it doesn’t clog pores. 

Camellia seed oil is a calming oil, high in antioxidants and nutrients. 

Jojoba seed oil is a liquid wax which is suitable for all skin types. Its chemical composition is closest to the sebum our skin produces making it perfect for oil cleansing.

Lemon essential oil cleanses and detoxifies skin, is antibacterial and helps reduce excessive oil. 


This oil cleanser is for all skin types, even those with oily skin. 



Sunflower seed oil, Camellia seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, lemon essential oil.


Size: 50mls


How to use: 

Swirl bottle before use to mix oils. Massage desired amount of oil onto dry face, then place a hot face cloth onto face for 30 seconds before washing off. Use once or twice daily. 



Avoid contact with eyes. Do a patch test prior to use and if irritation occurs, wash off and discontinue use. 



Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 

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